Divine Preacher Shri Zarna Mataji

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The Mother's name Jaymati ben, Father’s name Mansukh bhai Ambashankar Trivedi, Originally from Vallbhipur, now settled at Bhavnagar for very long time. From the beginning her liking was Prabhubhakti and after completion of her SSC she merged her self into ALMIGHTY completely. The Economic condition was not good. This led her to merge into Almighty with greater intensity. One day while she was coming back to home from the temple somebody dropped in from motor car and gave her a photograph of Mother Meera, which is in the temple at present. It is on our Right side and our Left side of the temple. When she was given the photograph she was not knowing even whose photograph was this, whether she is any disciple of she is any saint. Pujya MAA accepted her as her GURU. This was the period of 1973. Later on she came to know that the photograph was of Shri Mataji of Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry. Frequently then after she used to get letter from Pujya Bansidhar Dadaji.

During this times Shri Maa had to face so many hindrances for going to Pondicherry but by the grace of Shri MATAJI (Shri Meera Maa) she got the divine chance. She reached Chennai from VT Mumbai. She travelled to Pondicherry by bus. For the first time she stayed at Shri Pondicherry Ashrama for 2 Days. Pujya Bansidhar Dada, Pujya Poojalalji, Pujya Moti Phaiba they all took a good care of her. At Pondicherry she got her selves deeply involved in Dhyan Sadhna. Every now and then while bowing to Samadhi she forgot her worldly consciousness. When she was back to Bhavnagar, from her conversation one could make out that Pondicherry was the aim of her life. Despite she was not knowing a little of Hindi or English, she reached Pondicherry with great faith and confidence that too all alone, this fact gave us lot of joy. Now a days she invariably spares at least a month every year to stay at Pondicherry. When she returned from Pondicherry for the First time, her mind was constantly busy deciding as soon as I reach Bhavnagar I will establish one “Dhyan Kendra” that too of globeshape (Spherical in Shape). The dream is about what ever “Relaxes” she will bring from Pondicherry to be true will be established here so that plenty of people who offer Dhyan-Sadhna here will get Aanand (Joy) and they got a chance to come closer to Shri Mataji, to go deeper into sadhna and to merge into Shri Maa. This is the only Goal why the Ashram is Established. It is very difficult to narrate everything which Pujya Maa has experienced about “Mataji”. Overland above by offering Anusthan Bhakti Upasana this Maa worships her Kuldevi Shri Rannade whose temple is situated at Vallbhipur.

One fine day Shri Maa had the Darshan of Rannade Maa but Maa could not make it out as hse was too young. Upto 21 days dhe was under this effect. All of a sudden the elders of the family invited Mataji. Slowly and gradually Maa felt better. Later to this for four times Juwara were established, first time in 1977 at Muval. Keeping half of the body in the soil not taking even a drop of water or a bite of food she did the Anusthan for four times. There was not a single temple in the village not even single deri. This village was too backward. After Six’o clock in the evening ladies were not going out of the home. At the very same place Maa established Juwara and a temple of Shri Randal Mataji. The small village is now a glorious place, Maa has faced a lots of ups and downs in her life but the only goal fo her life is to serve people selflessly and if people ask her to guide theme truly. The idea of establishing mandir and ashram was discussed with her sadhak Mukeshbhai, he accepted it and canvassed for the same. They started search of a good location but it was all in vein giving chance to people who laughed at them. Once it so happened that token money of Rs. 51,000/- given for purchasing land were returned but she never lost her heart. Another land was purchased where Panchdev Temple, Aannakshetra, Gaushala and some rooms fro sadhak is expected to be established. People were surprised to learn this as she herself lives in a rented house, how can she have this much fund when people asked her she replies My children and My Bhakti is my Fund.

She had a dream where in she was asked to prepare a temple where there were plenty of sadhak. She saw in the dream that people are suffering from deceases and pains of life come to Maa, prey there worship for Maa’s darshan and they take rest over there. That’s all Maa worships her Gurudev and prays him to make this dream come true. Those who wil implement satya and reveal themselves to Maa shall always get help from Maa and she will always be with them. This is the only principal “Satya Always Wins” where there is “Satya” Meera Maa herself will come automatically and will accomplish our “Karya”.

Pujya Maa is incarnation of Jagdamba, she has devoted her life to give relief from all pains of life to her Bhaktjanas.

“Hey Maa! I pray to you with Prabhubhakti that may the peace of your divine love rest upon all.”

Matrudham & Matrumandir Project

Image 2 Dhyan Kendra Akwada Dist. Bhavnagar
Image 3 Matru MandirAkwada Dist. Bhavnagar
Image 4 Matru MandirAkwada Dist. Bhavnagar
માતૃ મંદિર સ્થાપિત : ચંદ્રકાંત બી સોમપુરા, નિખિલભાઇ સી સોમપુરા     (અમદાવાદ)
માતૃ ધામ સ્થાપિત : આશિષભાઈ સી. સોમપુરા     (અમદાવાદ)